Oracle Reading – 1st of March 2020


Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

It is time, time to restart that which was paused.


The infinite abundance of Joy is available to all, it is up to our free will to grasp that Joy and let it Sing into our Hearts.

The time has come, to restart that which brings You Joy, that which makes Your Heart Sing.

This first day of March 2020 is signalling a change that happens as often as the tides turn, which beckons us to remember that change is inevitable.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is the First day of Autumn, the time to ready for the cold Winter months coming, to ready ourselves for the times ahead, to keep our families warm and safe.

This morning is the first morning in more months than I can recall that I felt called to draw a card out for today.

It is time.

Our card, I have not yet turned over, though I have shuffled dutifully the number of the day, that being the number 8.

And as we know the number 8 means many things, though to me it is like the serpent catching its tail, constantly changing and yet always coming back to and into itself.

We are who we are seeking, we have the answers within us all.

Now let’s see what the message is for the day.

The 8th card turned over to reveal…

The 44th card of the Gaia Oracle is…


Healing, Creativity, Fertility

It is said that Love conquers all; this is especially true for you at this moment.

Something is resolved and healed through Love.

What was previously barren now becomes fertile.

A seed is planted and you are the co-creator.

The conditions are favourable, the timing is right; a new creation awaits you.

The birth of something new brings Joy and Excitement.

The forever changing seasons of eternity turn their invisible wheel and a new cycle begins.

A new image is born.


Love Heals

Love Brings Resolution

Love Conquers

Love Creates

Love Is Eternal


Sending All Souls all the Peace that they need to find the Love that they have Within


Alicia Smith

 1st of March 2020

Divine thanks to Toni Carmine Salerno and the Gaia Oracle


2020 Reading

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls 💛🌟

It has been a long time in between readings however time is no thing and all wisdom is timeless 😉

Are We Ready for our Power Words for the New Year???

Will they Be all that You need them to Be?

On December the 21st 2019 in Perth Ozzie-Land… I asked our Guides to Direct Us All to the path going Forward into the New Year.

Knowing all along that Balance is the Message for the Year 2020 being a Four year, whatever card was read from would have a good lesson of seeing both sides, or perhaps seeing the balance point required for an event, it has really settled me to draw these three cards as our Power Words for 2020…

Let me introduce the cards for us all, brought to us by Gaia’s Crystal Divas on December the 21st 2019 via @Nicola McIntosh – Crystal Grid Reading Cards…


First card drawn is Courage…



Red Jasper coupled with Selenite is a very balanced combination, because red jasper is a stone that works on the base chakra while selenite works on the higher chakras.

This enables you to bring in the wisdom of the higher realms and ground it in the physical realm.

Red Jasper helps with insight, which is strengthened by selenite to also receive information from Spirit.

Red Jasper is known as a stone of Courage, so it may be time for you to Stand Up and Be Courageous.

See how the Selenite looks like a sword? Strength and Valour are needed at this time.

Ground yourself and ask for guidance from Spirit. Trust that the instinct you receive is exactly what you needed right now and act with Strength.

Plant your feet firmly, strengthen Your Boundaries and stand by Your Decision.

Red Jasper is also known as a powerful detoxifier and is said to work on the blood and circulatory system.

It maybe time to discover deeper self-sabotage patterns that are holding you from standing in your own power.

Remove the obstacles, go forth with a renewed sense of courage and trust in your ability to stand on your own.

Know that every step of the way you will be protected with Red Jasper.


Our second card drawn is Release…



Tektite is meteoric glass formed by a meteorite impact with the Earth. The impact melts the ground, splashing it over distance and speed so that it forms into irregular shapes. You can imagine the speed at which the original meteorite hurtled through the atmosphere and the great distance it had travelled.

Tektite is here to help you realise all the lessons you have picked up along your journey. Have you accumulated a wealth of knowledge over your lifetime/s, or is it time to leave all that no longer serves you behind and move forward?

You are an amazing being and should be proud of how you have learnt from your past, which has helped you know how to navigate and focus on where you are going.

This makes it a Stone of Transformation, where the stone has literally combined with the earth and become something new: it is a beautiful Balance of “As Above, So Below”

It is also a stone that can aid telepathy and because it comes from outer space, it is believed to aid communication with other worlds and beings. It is an aid to gain knowledge from higher sources.

Ulexite, or TV stone as it is sometimes reffered to, is an excellent companion to Tektite. It is a stone to help ith Clear Seeing, whether that be into a problem, seeing into others or seeing over distance; it will help magnify whatever you are searching for.

Placed on the forehead when meditating, it may assist in giving you further insight and clarity in these matters.

This is a powerful combination to bring any issue to the surface that you wish to let go of, while also creating a layer of protection around you.


And our third card drawn is Clarity…


A time of Clarity awaits you.
You have asked for an answer and your questions have been heard and the situation is about to become Crystal Clear.

It may also be time for you to be Clear with Your Intentions…

When you know what you are wanting, your thoughts send out a clear intention to the Universe for the Law of Attraction to manifest it for you.

Herkimers are small crystals, but very powerful. So, too, can be a small but clear intent.

Herkimers clear your chakras and remove blockages, which helps to activate your Light-Body and discover your Soul Purpose by helping you to release past-life trauma.

They are strongly associated with the crown chakra, which is your connection to your Soul Purpose and the Higher Realms. It is a good tool to meditate with or ask for guidance when in need.

Herkimer is also known as the Stone of Attunement. If you wish to attune to your environment or for healers to attune to their client’s energy, use Herkimer.

They are extremely High Vibration stones, so if you start to feel a bit scattered or ungrounded remove the Herkimer from your energy field or use black tourmaline to ground you.


May We All face whatever event that 2020 and Beyond has in store for our Earth Education with the CRC power words ( COURAGE, RELEASE, CLARITY) reminding us all of the greater lesson of life.

We asked for these life lessons… Let us appreciate them for just that reason and perhaps this stoic attitude is what we all need to master moving forward.

Because as More Light flows into the Dark places on Gaia, We Will See, that which was hidden for so many years, We need to be Strong for those that look to us for the Faith and Hope to show them the Light and to gently guide them back to the Light.

This is not done by force, it is not done by cohesion … It is done by Be-ing an Example…

Walking the Walk and not just talking the talk. Leading by example for no personal glory. Living and learning and being honest about our learning…

Not pretending we ‘Know it All’ to the youth and then not accepting our error… No, quite the opposite… accept the lesson, learn from the lesson and show the wisdom of your lesson.

No One is too old or young too learn something new an d the moment we think we know it all, we know nothing…

Accept the event that is presented in front of you and respect it for a lesson and it is easier to not become emotionally involved in the outcome.
As my hubby says…

Lay your cards all out and examine each for its worth to you in that moment…

Basically… Pause before reaction…

Think a little longer about the solution before racing into it…

All the signs are clear for me…

Enough with the Decade of Suffering, It is now time for the Decade of Compassion to Balance out the Lessons we have Had to Learn in order for Us to realise that they themselves and All of Humanity to realise they themselves, create their Own Heaven on Earth, in each and every single moment of their thinking human existence.

Peace, Love, Harmony, Light, Nurture Blessings to All for the trials we completed during 2019 and for the wondrous experiences coming to us in 2020.

Love and Lightbeams to All, always,
25th December 2019

The Author of these divine cards is Nicola McIntosh who can be found via and

Growing Roots Bath Salts – by Gabrielle & Gaia

Review Time…

Welcome and thank you in advance for reading my review on the following product.


The product that I have had the pleasure of testing on myself this day is one that I have wanted to sink my body into for such a long time. Ever since spotted the new goody on the list of gorgeous items, I knew that I needed to sink my body into its magic.

The product I am eluding too is one that has been carefully and loving created by Gabrielle of Gabrielle & Gaia, it is a combination of Nature’s treasure and Gabrielle’s magic.

It is Bath Salts, and not just any Bath Salts, a combination of deliciousness that you can feel before one even opens the pouch.

Upon opening said pouch one’s senses are put into overdrive, the combination of the ingredients plus the knowing that your body is about to enjoy the gentle soaking is one that made me sigh with pleasure.

Gabrielle has created a few selections to choose from, this time I chose to explore the joy of soaking in a grounding blend named ‘Growing Roots’ which is such an apt name for this combination.

Growing Roots is almost what happened, my Mind certainly stopped in its ever racing tracks, to gently go to ground. It is like the Earth beckoned me to soak it all in, to let the aroma sink into my senses and my skin soothed by the salts and goodies contained within the blend.

When one opens the pouch, the intensity of the ingredients does hit you and instantly reminded me of the Earth after a rain shower on a hot day, that delicious smell of the undergrowth that is released as one works along the just wet ground.

Upon adding to my warm bath the smell lessons though only slightly and due to the way Gabrielle has created this, there is little residue to be seen, perhaps a couple of pieces of herb and certainly no dies or oil can be seen or felt.

I was quite happy to note that this didn’t flare up my sensitive skin, the Magnesium salts helped my skin in a gentle way, I did not dry out and actually didn’t want to mix any other products into the mix and so I happily soaked for a good two hours, the smell was not invasive though it stayed with me the entire time.

I would thoroughly recommend any to experience this, as it didn’t upset my skin I will state it is a gentle blend one that could be added to anyone’s tub.

The ingredients that have been woven into this blend are as follows:

Bay Leaf





Eucalyptus Leaf

Black Pepper

And Magnesium

Gabrielle & Gaia’s message on the pouch reads:

“Ground, Protect and Shield your vibration with this spice healing bath salt blend”

I will admit that after my excitement of getting this pouch of yummyness into my bath I was so excited, Heart racing and just over the moon to be getting a soak (it’s been years since I last enjoyed a bath), I was gently cocooned into a silky embrace and whisked into a dream of being One with Gaia.

This product can be found on the web by searching Gabrielle & Gaia, or if you are ok with following links, please click this link (Gabrielle & Gaia) which will take you to her Facebook Page where you will be able to chat to her yourself about whether this blend or any other blends will be right for you.

Blessing of Love to All

Elnishka (aka Alicia Smith)

5th of March 2020

Gabrielle & Gaia

Higher Wisdom Parenting Oracle Cards by Stephanie Kakris

Review Time…

Welcome and thank you in advance for reading my review on the following product.


The product that I have had the pleasure of testing on myself and my family has made such a beautiful difference in how I approach parenting. That I have had the chance to learn more about my own needs is education that I will treasure for the years to come.

How many of us just stumble through the events that just happen whether we desire them or not? I say each moment is learning in and of itself; however when we have the right tools in our bag, these moments are tempered by the fact that we have a choice to respond in perhaps a different way than what we may have done previous to our learning.

I have two Earth Angels to care for and guide as best I can, and I have tried to bring as much love and understanding as possible… Sometimes I need a little extra help, and this is when I reach for these divinely inspired and beautifully created Oracle Cards.

The incredibly talented Stephanie Kakris has combined her wealth of knowledge from her own parenting methods and learned experience into a fun and exciting way of tackling the issues that we all (parents or not) will encounter throughout life.

Not only are these cards Beautiful to look at, they offer so much more than what we might expect from an Oracle card set. Artfully designed for those of us that need just that little bit more help, they include recommendations on how to put the advice into action.

How better to explain this than to share the card that I drew out for this review, chosen by spirit, this card flew out during the shuffling, and as I am guided by these moments this card was chosen and it is on point with the communication of sharing my story via this review.

The card that wanted to be heard is the Conversations card and here is the picture and the message.


“We create opportunities for general conversation to stay connected as a family.”

All relationships depend on solid foundations to flourish.

Open communication is key to this foundation, and casual conversation is the gateway to more “deep and meaningful” sharing.

Don’t wait for random opportunities to have casual conversations. You have chosen this card as a reminder that you must create the expectation and environment for regular family discussions.

In our modern world, where most of us are connected to our electronic devices than we are to people, this can be challenging! The sooner you can make regular connection to a part of the family’s routine, the better.

If your child isn’t used to communicating often, there may be an initial reluctance to participate in a “chit chat” session!

Do not force them to participate; only require they be present and listen. They may join in, if, or when, they are ready.

When having a conversation, make sure you allow your child enough time to respond. We can be uncomfortable with silence and want to talk to fill in space. But your child may be thinking, so be patient.

Actively listen and allow the child to dictate where the conversation goes. Ask them how they feel about the things they are discussing. Be prepared to share openly about yourself too – it is unfair to ask them to be open if you are not.


  • Meal times are an excellent place for conversation. As many times each week as possible (at least 3 if you can), turn off the screens during dinner and ask each other about the day.
  • Many fun, conversational questions can be found online if you need some prompts. If your children are old enough, they can research their own questions for everyone to answer.
  • You can start with, “Tell me about something that made you laugh today”, or “Who did you play with at lunch today?”
  • Specific questions are better than general questions like “What happened at school today?”
  • Other opportunities for conversation can happen while doing simple chores together, eg. Weeding the garden, doing the dishes, folding the clothes.
  • Create a regular “technology free” evening and play a board game together.
  • In the car, ask for ten minutes of talking time without devices.

So, as you can no doubt read for yourselves, information packed for just this one subject alone and the deck that Stephanie has created contains 52 cards. And due to her incredible foresight this deck has been created so that it fits beautifully in my small hands, easy to shuffle and a delight to handle. The booklet is just as important as the cards, they work together beautifully.

I highly recommend this product for any who have children in their care or are considering raising children one day. The advice contained within the booklet has helped me to be a better person in my speaking to others also, as I am still learning the depth and breadth of the humans that I cross paths with.

In closing I wish to thank Stephanie for her gift, I am truly grateful for this treasure in our home.

If you would like to get your hands on this item, please follow the links supplied below.

Blessing of Love to All

Elnishka (aka Alicia Smith)

13th of March 2020

Card Reading – 11th January 2020

Good Evening Beautiful Souls…

I would like to share some words brought to us this evening of the Cancerian Full Moon, which I feel in my heart to be of benefit to us all when contemplating our next step on our journey of discovery.

This is the first Full Moon of the year and is also seen in some parts of the world to eclipse, which are both momentous in their own individual events, together it is greatly amplified.

This Wolf Moon (as it is known in the Northern Hemisphere) charges us to Courageously face the lessons of the past year, Release all of the past year that does not serve our going forward, so that with the Clarity found, after this purge and acceptance of the lessons into our deeper memory bank (our Akash) will be pure and unfettered by the past.

As the pack guards its young and bays at the moon, so too should you love and protect your self by standing up for what your Heart tells you as Truth… To Stand in the Light of the Full Moon and Howl your Song without fear of judgement for the Wolves around you feel your Strength and are gladdened by it.

This year has been foretold to be one of action happening to bring the Light into the Darkness… So let’s shine our beautiful Hearts as One, standing tall like the lighthouses that we are, to offer compassion and empathy to any who ask.

The call to hear from The Queen of the Moon Oracle was strong this evening… I have not felt Her call for quite some time and I almost entered into trance to go get the deck from the shelf.

As this day equates to the Master Number Seven in numerology this is the number of times shuffled, and with the seventh card turned over to reveal our message is about… Action

‘I Am Responsible and Ready to take Action.’

‘The time has come to take action. Let go of your paralysis. Let go of your burdens, step by step.

Sometimes we are afraid to move forward; this is natural.

Change can be difficult, and if we have been hurt or have failed before we are anxious about what may happen if we instigate change.

Maybe, we think, it’s easier and safer to just tread some water for a while.

Instead of taking joyful action towards the things we truly desire, such as the writing of a book, undertaking study, accepting a new job or seeking a better relationship, we balk, we freeze, we do not take the steps we would. And so we remain stagnant, we don’t grow.

This moon phase encourages us to embrace action. Action is part of our humanity. We are not made to hide and refuse to blossom.’

For those who like to work with Gaia’s Treasure, The Queen of the Moon Oracle suggests that Rhodonite will be beneficial at this time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, brought to you by the Queen of the Moon Oracle card deck beautifully channelled by Stacey Demarco and illustrated by Kinga Britschgi, with some added words from me xxx

Remember the Four Power Words for 2020 are:

In Love and In Light with All

Ali-Nishka 💛🌟
11th of January 2020

7th of January 2020 – Card Reading

‘Tree of Life – Fertility, Creativity, Destiny, Magical Blessings’

Good Early Morning Beautiful Souls…

My hasn’t it been such a long time between readings and then I decide at Midnight l want to hear from the Gaia Oracle… Typical!

With the current happenings it has been hard not to be caught up in the events and the voices that are crying to be heard. Not the least of which is school holidays keeping bored children at home…

The sad events that are occurring on Gaia are constantly happening and will continue to happen, it is the turn of life… What is new is the voices are coming from all corners (laugh) of our globe and it is amazing!

Not so long ago our voices were either silenced or we were too scared to speak out… Oh how times have changed, and I believe for the better.

The desire to hear from our Great Mother is intense, I wanted to be reassured or perhaps guided as to how to help and so when I got the call to draw a card I didn’t hesitate.

Gaia gave me a card that instantly gave me relief… And all from the picture and the keywords I gleaned that Gaia well knows what’s going on, She will continue, never fear that…

These events are lessons, life lessons that we chose to experience.

Her reassurance is to be like the Tree of Life, flow with the energy, stand firm in your boundaries, nourish all life with unconditional compassion and stay in contact with our Divine Mother by staying grounded in every response to every event.

I will now write the Message contained in the book beautifully created by Toni Carmine Salerno, for the card drawn:

Tree of Life

Fertility, Creativity, Destiny, Magical Blessings

The magical tree depicted in this image is symbolic of your life’s journey. Having matured and grown strong through the changing seasons and cycles of life, you have now reached a stage of creative abundance.

Your roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of your dreams and imagination, you are now ready to fulfil your destiny – a new creative cycle begin; one infused with your love and all the wisdom that you have gained through your life to date.

The struggle is over, from now on you will do this with grace, poise and ease.

All your past experiences, all the knowledge you have gained and all your previous work now all come together to serve a higher more heartfelt purpose.

This is a period in which you truly are the Master of Your Own Destiny; a time where anything you truly love to achieve or create is possible.’

I Am the Master of my own Destiny,
All I truly desire, I create,
All I create, I create through Love,
All I create is for the Higher Good of All,
I Am truly Blessed and Grateful for all the Abundance in my life.

And so it is…
In Love and In Light with All
Ali-Nishka 💛🌟🙏
7th January 2020

With my deep appreciation to Toni Carmine Salerno for the Divinge Gaia Oracle and of course to my Guides for poking me all the way to the bookcase to hear the message 😉

Reflection on the Unseen Web of Love

Yes! We are Winning!

I say We because even if you are unaware of your impact right now, I am here to tell you that You…

Yes, you, dear one are indeed very much Beloved, very much Supported and very much an Integral part of our Collective Ascension.

You see, I have found on deep reflection that when my light dims due to any reason, it is felt by the Collective (that is all of us) who then without realising it rebalance the overall light quotient by raising their own internal light…

I take a step out of the ‘limelight’ and this allows space for other Souls to Shine and share their Seeds of Light…

This is not to say that it is our task to lift others up, it is to say that We Do It Anyway…

This unseen balance of Energy that flows between all Beings is required for life to exist in harmony. I refer to Nature for a beautiful picture to visualise…

Imagine you can see through the dirt and like a vision on an x-ray, you can see the intricate network of unseen root systems, some are thick and gnarly, others are delicate like a spiders web, that weave and entwine, sustaining each other, in a balance so perfectly in synchronisation with the others needs that barely a heartbeat passes before the signal is sent and is answered with compassion.

If there was no compassion between Gaia’s Elementals, there would be no life… So a flow must and is maintained by the Divine Consciousness that is the Source of All Life.

This Divine Consciousness is what drives everything to the minutest detail, and it is what drives us Humans to constantly change and evolve so we can remember who we are and how we are able to live in peace because it is possible because that is our lesson here on Gaia, to learn from Her and from the Divine Consciousness how to live in the Harmonious Flow of Life whilst we are here…

I Am Light, You Are Light and when we All really remember that we can switch our Light on whenever and wherever we are, I promise you that life will be so much more fun for all. When we can look into another’s eyes and see ourselves, it radiates out love to all.

Once I realised the above, it certainly has helped my Mojo to raise back up, and I humbly thank each and every one of you that gave me a portion of their light to fill my cup to overflowing.

In Love and In Light with All Always


22nd of October 2019

11th October 2019 – Card Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls,

I thank you for reading this post of mine, I have been absent and whilst there are many reasons why, the main reason being the Universe had some lessons for me to learn, and all at once… well, sort of 😉

The last card reading that I did and shared on the 13th of August 2019 was a card that I had drawn before and it was the Grief card… At that time I had just laid to rest 2 of my Beloved Family members and thought those were surely my lessons learned however t’was not to be the case and sadly 4 (yes that’s right, a total of 6 Souls) more of my Family have crossed into God’s arms since last time I drew a card and asked for guidance.

What did I learn about Grief? I learnt how to recognise it in myself, and how to disengage from it’s pull down into depression… No easy task I can assure you.

I also learnt very quickly how to recognise the subtle differences in a grief reaction to a normal outburst in myself and in others, a very beneficial skill to learn.

and the biggest lesson I learnt was to disengage from my emotional body completely in order to speak Eulogies and support other Souls who were clearly not coping well.

I learn’t very quickly to accept Death as but a part of Life and to Celebrate the very fact that they Lived at all…

Grief can hit a person in many different ways and I suppose the biggest lesson we can learn is Accepting that it is OK to Let Go and to Keep Living…

This evening of the 11th of October 2019 I decided to Let it All Go… My attachment to outcomes, expectations, control and desire to be anything other than Me and what is in the Highest Good for Me and in this moment it is very easy to choose Happiness, to choose light, to choose to allow the Flow of Divine Will to express itself through my next spontaneous experience.

I will end today’s story with the 3 Cards I have Chosen to go with my Feelings on the Decks and the messages they imprinted on me when making my choice… I chose to shuffle 6 times as per the numerological number of the day and the first deck shuffled all 6 times however the other two decks threw their choices onto the table the first upright and no denying it, the second was not showing its face and I momentarily hesitated before I picked it up and it felt right to read it.

All three cards were spot on for me and how they relate to myself, my envirnment and my future steps as per the themes they told me… However, these readings are for the collective, for all of Us, for we are One, just experiencing different events to complete our knwledge before our Soul’s growth.

The first card was from my Aunty Lillian’s own Deck called Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue and the card that was the sixth card turned over was Athena (so good because I’m of Greek Heritage and I Love our Athena) and Her message read thus:


“It is safe for you to be powerful, You know how to be powerful in a loving way that benefits others as well as yourself”

“You have been afraid of your own power. You have worried that others would disapprove of you or leave you if you allowed your true power to shine. You have also been concerned that you might abuse your power and that your masculine energy would become unbalanced. I am here to help you reveal your power to yourself and others in a way that enhances your relationships, self-esteem, and life purpose.”

“Your power comes from love, from God. You who are made in the image and likeness of your Creator have unlimited power within you right now. You aren’t capable of abusing your power because your heart chakra has opened like a flower in bloom. Think of a person you admire, who is both powerful and balanced in their masculine and feminine energies. Such power is beautiful, You are a strong and powerful Lightworker, and God needs you to accept and reveal your power.”

The second card that flew onto the table from the Gaia Oracle created by Toni Carmine Salerno, was a card that was to relate to my Environment or how I should be interacting with my environment. The card is titled Eternal Love…

Eternal Love

‘Happiness, Harmony, Fulfillment’

“Something is resolved soon. A new page is turned as a concern you have dissolves and gives way to a period of sunshine. A time to relax and enjoy life, free of worry and doubt that has cast a grey shadow over your life for the past few weeks.”

“During the coming month or so, try to spend some time in nature. Allow yourself to reconnect with Gaia’s nurturing and healing power. Immerse and surround yourself in her natural beauty for she will help you restore your balance, harmonise your energy centres and replensih your body, mind and spirit. It may be difficult for you to switch off at first, but after a few days, as your thoughts slow down, you will settle into a new and more relaxed rhythym. Make the most of this opportunity while you can.”


I am physically and emotionally connected to the healing power of Mother Earth.

I surround myself with her beauty and feel a deep sense of peace.

I am free of worry.

Each day I grow stronger and more relaxed.

My life is in perfect balance.

And the last card that flew out of the Cosmic Reading Cards deck created by Nari Anastarsia, chosen because of the feeling it would be very important knowledge for any time, was the card titled Time Out, and here is the message…

Time Out

‘Stop racing around the clock. Step outside and Feel the magic and oneness of nature.’

“Time out! If you have picked this card Spirit is calling for you to slow down. Take some time out from your busy schedule and the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. Chasing the clock and getting yourself all caught up in the illusion of time has been taking its toll on you, dear one.

For so long you have been at war with time with statements like ‘I just don’t have enough time’. Spirit understands your hunger and desire to evolve as a soul and can see the blockages that stop you from exploring further.

You see, the Universe grants your wish on a daily basis by ensuring you don’t have have time. Your words hold so much power and as such should be used wisely.

Feeling as though you don’t have time can leave you irritable, anxious and drained.

Recharge your body, mind and soul. Step away from the stress of the ticking clock. Step outside into the natural world, smell the flowers, enjoy the sunset and breathe in nature’s beauty.

Disconnect from the phone, computer and TV and connect to nature’s rhythmic cycles. Ground yourself by feeling the grass under your feet.

This is the best way to unwind and renew your energy resources. By having this Time Out to unwind and reconnect with the Oneness of Nature, you will feel refreshed and renewed to continue your work with inner calm and peace.

You’ll find that by doing this, the answers that You seek will come, and clarity annd understanding will be achieved.”


‘I AM alive to Nature’s magic as I dissolve in the Oneness of All that Is’

And So It Is, Beautiful Souls that I have completed my Soul’s task for this evening… The re-starting of my blog-page after the experiences I’ve lived through is just the start to my opening up to the Service of those who are awakening and have those questions… Please don’t be afraid to ask, all Light-workers will help, all will help unconditionally and led by their Heart.

Thank You All for Being with me for this Epic Journey that we call Life xx

In Love and In Light with All


11th of October 2019

Card Reading 13th August 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

How’s it been for you all lately? With these energies flowing around us due to the ever dancing of our Galaxies inhabitants I am feeling the intensity… Wow what a ride!

And whilst it would be lovely to say it’s been a smooth ride, I would be lying if I did. These last few weeks have been an interesting mix of physical and mental challenges and truthfully this happens every Winter.

As we all live our lives, unseen forces keep turning the wheel of life spinning, the never-ending turn of the seasons, the cycle of our galaxy and the ebb and flow of life that is… These events are a constant reminder and are comforting in the stability they represent. All walks of life ebb and flow with the turning of our planet and yet only some are questioning it.

It is this questioning, the seeking of answers that is a double edged sword. How tempting is it to indulge in the mental realms of infinite possibilities and yet this desire can become excessive and the balance between the mental and physical body is affected.

It is a delicate balance to live the ebb and flow and also to be aware of it all happening. As we are the creators of our realities it is important to maintain this balance with clarity else we may be sweep into thinking too hard about something we just need to do…

Deep within our Hearts we have hidden caves of fears… This time of the year, be it the Winter Blues or Lion’s Gate symptoms, is a reflection time, the hibernating of the body so that the mind has freer reign on your time. Our world is quiet and slumbering and so are we. We tend to catch bugs and or feel the chill in our bones that we start to yearn for the warmth, we start to desire that which we do not have…

This time of the year we can also use to create the love and light within our Heart and Home by consciously shifting the thinking to how could I make my Day more warm and cosy so that my thoughts are healthier and are better able to stay within the moment.

I have noticed for myself that each Winter I have experienced when I have depression, my thoughts are as far from the Light as we are to our Sun however… Now that I am aware that my tendency towards the blues at this time of the year is purely cyclic, it is much easier to detach from the emotional downward spiral.

And so I wonder what do you do to bring the light into your day during the cold and dark Winter days?

Today’s card deck has been chosen due to the depth I feel from just the name of it… The Soul’s Journey

I am very interested to know what today’s card will be as I had decided to write first then choose after… Here we go!

Today is the 13th of August 2019 and the numerological number for today is 6 which represents Harmony and Balance, it is asking us to locate negative areas within our life and attend to them with Love, to right the scales so to speak.

Our card today from James Van Praagh’s deck called The Soul’s Journey is…


‘I Understand that losing something is an opportunity to appreciate it’

Nothing is gone forever. The belief that we have “lost” someone or something is merely an illusion to assist us in learning to appreciate our having had it in the first place.

The emotion of grief and the sense of loss are absolutely real – but that is the point.

The lesson of loss is not about the actual physical separation, because the parting is temporary and illusory. The point of the lesson is to acknowledge that the bonds of love never end and that we have not been abandoned.

When you accept in your heart that you will be reunited with everything you have ever loved, it will give you the ability to move beyond your grief and derive something beneficial from the experience.

To wallow in grief is to pass up the opportunity that you and your soul family have devised and learn nothing from it.

Instead, allow your grief to take you to a place of deeper understanding.

And so it is…

Well I must write that I am not surprised to see this card again so soon, considering having laid to rest two of my family members in the last month, however I believe this card also refers to the letting go of our old life, our old programming and to do so with the understanding of the lessons within the experience.

There is no room for blame anymore, it is what it is and I thank myself for this experience.

I love life.

I love you.

I love me.


13th of August 2019

Reflection on Mirror Numbers

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls,

As I ponder how to start this post I realise that this subject is so multi-faceted that I could write a book, however as countless magnificent Authors have already greatly contributed to the library shelves I will instead just zone in on my own reflection of the numbers that have snuck into my awareness today.

Now most of the time we read or hear talk of the Angel number, the calling card shall we say of our Spirit-form breathren. Those numbers are generally of the same number 3 or 4 digits and the numbers themselves mean various different things.

The Mirror number patterns are a little different… They are usually 4 numbers, 2 of each, for example; 22:44 or 12:12 etc… however I frequently see just two of the same i.e. 12:44. When it comes to the meaning of these combinations I personally believe it a more general sign and not nesessarily the attribute of the number itself.

So in general terms I believe it is my Higher Self confirming that what I am thinking and/or doing in that moment is in alignment with my Soul’s blueprint.

Today was/is a great example of how the ‘seeing’ of these numbers helps to keep Joy flowing through me. I had a wee bit of a rushed morning and so did not have too much time to myself before my dentist appointment however the urge to draw a card was giving me butterflies so I thought oh well lets do it live on facebook and see how time goes.

After I finished the record I always rewatch to allow the message to sink through for myself and I noted that I said the word Joy or refered to that word a few time during my chat prior to drawing the card. That I then revealed the Opal card with it’s message of Joy was in reflection so spot on…. as I think I could have spoken about anything and I had 50 something cards so the chances of the two subjects being aligned is Divine and I am so grateful.

So, onto the numbers, I hopped into my car to collect Miss Molly and the time said 12:44 and I smile… then I note the song is singing about Joy then I look at the km’s is says 557.7 and I laugh… A few metres along and I see the fuel is 149.9, now i’m laughing with God x These sightings on the way out had the thoughts about joy flowing in my head which is the medicine to keeping my depression at bay.

After I collect Miss Molly and we are heading home I remeber about my earlier thoughts (yes, they do disappear that fast) and I look at the speedo and see 577.5 and I said aloud (confusing Molly with my words no doubt) ‘Well Spirit, all I need to see now is Angel numbers and my day is complete ‘…. Lo and behold, but what should glide past my door but a black 4WD sporting the numbers 888 on its plate and then I quickly look at the clock and it says it’s 1:11pm….

I just cant wipe the smile from my face… because the quality of my thoughts at the time of seeng these numbers was positive, I was in the positive wave of energy and Spirit was saying hello… I believe it is a signal or a note to us, from our higher self (the Soul who I AM) that we are awake and aware and we are capable of many amazing deeds within this energy flow.

It is important to understand that everything is personal and to also not take things too personally… My experience or way of believing works the magic in my world but may have no effect in yours and even though we live side by side our ways are world’s apart. So when there is a general consensus on the ways and methods of say the meaning of seeing numbers doesn’t relate to you or it’s not understandable do not despair, as your time of understanding is yet to come and when you are ready, your body will speak to you the confirmation you seek.

I personally get skin shivers and an intensely good butterfly feeling in my chest when I know I am walking within the 5d as I feel their presence. We humans are only just waking back up to the magnificence of what our body is capable of and also the many unseen forces that support and guide us daily… call it intuition or Spirit, use the method of belief that Sings to Your Heart Song.

And so as I close this reflection I noted that the time says 14:44pm and I am feeling the Love x

In Love and In Light


7th of August 2019

credit for Mirrored Tree of Life picture goes to , Thank You for creating such a masterpiece x

credit for infographic goes to @crystalreikihealer – Thank you for providing this information x

Card Reading 18th July 2019

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls…

It is said that one only needs to reach out and ask and the answers will come.

In my time of reflection these last few weeks whilst recovering from, lets just call it the flu, it gave me plenty of insight as to who I Am and what makes me tick. As I studied what was happening to my body and through the teachings I have received I realised that until I accepted that I was/am strong enough to face my illness, that I didn’t have an illness (mind-control-manifest-health) that my body is just telling me information and I haven’t been paying attention.

You see, My body is amazing, it will tell me if it is unhappy with my environment by making me sick. My body has had enough of the up/down thoughts of my mind trying to control me that my awesome body just drops me in my tracks with something and I literally don’t get better until I’ve learnt the reason for the fall.

This last illness was required so that I could learn this truth about the power of my body and the lengths it will go too to protect me. This has happened my whole life with my asthma, If I was/am in an unhealthy environment for my lungs they will produce a pain in my chest and then anxiety follows very quickly. In the last year I have worked out how to circumvent an anxiety induced asthma attack however such was not the case as a child and so I spent many weeks in our local hospital growing up, I reflect now that my young body knew that was the safe environment for me and thus it put me there.

Now I know a little better to attract that which I need to manifest by way of positive thinking and of course action. I allow the feelings to manifest only so long as to ascertain their source then I need to act to fix the situation before I go into panic mode.

In realising these things about myself I am grateful for the experience. Yes it has been hard these school holidays being unwell however there are lessons to be learnt by all, not every school holidays will be filled with activities and that is ok.

Today, I awoke properly to my Spirit or my Higher Self and the strength within. All it took was soaking in our Full Moon light last night and waking with a deep feeling of needing to reconnect and I did. The reconnection happened when I was doing something that Dear Frances had done and shared about going out on a date with yourself and loving yourself as you would expect someone else to love you. Knowing that you are your partner, you are Love. So I did my makeup with a little extra loving care (ie more glitter) and dressed in my nice clothes I attended to the morning with a calm clarity I hadn’t felt in a while, although my mind was busy, my body feels like it is more balanced.

Feeling almost back to my previous physical strength is amazing but feeling that my Heart (Higher Self) is happy with the progress I made in the internal spiritual healing is the gold here. Find the Silver Lining in all things there is Gold within xxx

Today I have chosen to Honour the Moon with a card drawn from the Queen of the Moon Oracle deck and we have been guided to learn about Attraction… I am excited to read this as it is a new card for me and so here is our message for today…

Super Moon – Attraction

‘I can attract what I wish and repel what I do not’

You can be magnetic to others and attract the good things in life. You can repel what you no longer wish to attract. Be ready for opportunity. Avoid extremes that might cause negative imbalance in your body or mind. Think of connections greater than yourself.

A Super Moon is a full Moon that is the closest distance from Earth in its revolutions. It is also referred to as a ‘perigee’ Moon. The Super Moon looks huge in the sky and, being so close to the Earth, it influences the oceans more than usual, causing more extreme tides than are normal.

These changes in gravity and force are certainly noticeable, and for most people who follow the cycles of the Moon and do magical workings aligned with them it is the energy of the Super Moons that is most important. If a normal full Moon gives us an opportunity to have rocket power under our intentions, a Super Moon greatly magnifies this energy into a Supernova.

If we are growing we all want to attract experiences into our lives. This can be positive relationships, a lifestyle that suits us better, clarity, love, prosperity, creativity… The list goes on.

Equally, we also perhaps wish to be able to repel the experiences we don’t want. It is important, then, to not just know what we want, but to be able to recognise what we don’t!

Attraction isn’t just about what we accept, but also how we discern. Blindly attracting everything we think of into our lives rarely makes us happy, but being focused about it does.

This card also suggests that we think globally and for the ‘whole’. If you are making intentions on the Super Moon, include one for the plant.

Blessings of Love and Light to all.


18th of July 2019

Card Reading 3rd July 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

I have to pause and congratulate myself for actually finding the strength within to put aside the events of the past to be present to draw out our message for today. Well Done Ali!

Ok now that the back patting is done lets explore today’s card together!

I will admit to feeling very low these last three weeks and to be brutally honest it wasn’t pleasant to be back in my depressive state. Being a creature of extremes I was bound to experience the offset of extreme spiritual happiness as this is how I learn balance. And even though I am conscious of the darkness that pours out of me during the dark times I am sadly unable to stop it. However that says to me that I need to learn something from the experience and that is what I decided to do these weeks gone by is too Be with my depression and examine it and accept it because it was very insistent that I pay attention to the un-balance within so that I may attend to re-balancing my Self.

It is almost like a humility pill, in that moment where one thinks they have it under control (almost blind to the fact we can’t control everything) and then bam the push and pull effect of balance comes to play, and there is only myself that can tune the scales and start afresh.

We are all going to experience this up/down, push/pull feeling as our Earth, our Mother rights herself. Then we have our Sun and of course all the Planets that also add their own energetic signature to the waves of the rebalancing happening on our beautiful planet. As I understand things as the Light reaches Gaia through our own spiritual development, the light exposes the dark hiding in the cracks and thus it becomes clear that as we bring in Light, either to ourselves or to the world collectively, there will be times when we must attend to the Dark that is exposed by facing it with Love, Compassion and Understanding… It is not for us to allow it to consume us else our Light Work is tainted or even forgotten and we go back to sitting on the fence, saying we are Light but are we embodying the Light?

This was very nearly what happened to me this time… In previous times bouts of depression have lasted months or more, energy sapping and soul crushing during the whole time and then I claw back to the Light and I tell you the relief is intense!

I have explained to some how it feels when one is helpless to stop the tirade bursting out, and yet unless one has actually experienced the crushing physical effects of depression with anxiety on top, it is quite common to be misunderstood. So because this time around I felt this was a deeply important personal lesson I kept it to myself. Well almost, however I wasn’t going to post anything online until my thoughts had settled and clarity returned.

On the 1st day of July I did attempt to write a story for the world and it was to be about what I’ve experienced, however, Spirit had a different view on this and I managed only one paragraph and that was a direct message to me to take action… So I paid closer attention and re-set and bam here I am 2 days later… Phew! The paragraph that I wrote was and is meant for more than just myself. All messages that come through me that need to be broadcast have a different feel to them, and so here is what I wrote on Monday just gone…

“There is nothing quite like the awareness one receives about oneself when living with illness and whilst its all well and good to be able to become ‘The Watcher’ there comes time when one needs to embody ‘The Warrior’…”

And So It Is, Let My Will Be Done, In The Highest of Good, For All Humanity,

So as you can read One is capable of many great things, even if that great thing is becoming aware of what it is that you need to survive by attending to your own soul’s development. We are capable of anything when we are balanced. Sometimes we need to be totally honest with ourselves that we are responsible for our own internal happiness. We do not need external ‘things’ or ‘people’ to fix our problems for they can not. Fixing things requires action and not just fence sitting talk and so I have reminded myself that like the Phoenix who refreshes and rebalances before rising stronger, wiser and more compassionate through the purification of the flames, that I can and so can You, Start afresh today in this moment, reborn and ready to fly!

Today’s reading is via our Earth Mother Gaia, oh how I cried when I sat at my altar and I had even started shuffling. I had welcomed in Spirit and felt a new presence, my Great Aunty Mary has joined me and my team. Dearest Aunty Mary crossed the veil just recently and I am honoured to have her with me now. My Mum also made her presence felt and then my Great Grandmother’s and my Grandfather’s presence was felt and gosh the feeling of Love I felt is still making me cry. 

I thanked all of my guests and then shuffled 4 times and the 4th card turned over to reveal a card that I haven’t seen yet and a message that I still haven’t read (I will read it as I type it for us all). This card is so spot on with what I have just been through and all I have read is the title which is… Purification (Fire)

And here is the message from the booklet…

Purification (Fire)

Bare Essentials, The Naked Truth, Wholeness

What is it that your heart truly desires? What do you perceive is missing in your life?

In order to find the answers you must look inside your heart. You already know this but have been reluctant to look because a part of you fears what your heart is trying to tell you.

The only way forward is to face your fear. Something in your life is not working out as you would have liked and it’s not going to get any better unless you have the courage to face it.

Close your eyes and relax. Imagine a beautiful flame, warming your heart and soul. Feel its purifying and healing light burning away your fears and doubts, healing your body and mind and clearing away all obstacles either imagined or real. Feel your heart centre as an endless space full of only love and light. Feel the peace. You are safe in this eternal space of light.

Now, what is your heart saying? When it brings a tear to your eye you will know that it is your truth. Your soul will guide you towards happiness; all you need to do is follow. Trust!


I listen to my heart and follow its guidance
I deserve to be happy
I have the power to create my reality
I trust that all will work out well
My life is clear of obstacles

I would like to thank all of you for your love and support. Knowing that I am guided by spirit and loved by many is what keeps me going. Knowing that I have faced the darkness many times and I am still here to share my story gives me the confidence to keep going with my mission to be my true self, that soul who lives to bring the light into as many dark places as I humanly can.

Blessings of Love and Light from Me to You xxx


3rd of July 2019

Card Reading 12th June 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

On this Glorious Wednesday I have been reminded many times already of the majesty of our world, both physical and spiritual.

It may be raining, as is expected in winter however our Sun is doing its upmost best to warm my bones each time the clouds part. Shining its healing rays through the rain, sparkling and shining in my sight. If all I did today was sit in these rays and heal I would be a most contented Woman.

Today was not for sitting around though, I have signs flying all around me to step up and step out in service and so that requires me to move. And so I am listening to the gentle urgings of Source to listen to my heart and do that which brings me joy in my day.

When I have considered my return to the workforce and the accounting that was my career I will be honest in admitting that there isn’t much enthusiasm for it due to the fact that I now find so much joy in sharing love and light, however as I’m aware this doesn’t necessarily pay the bills or feed my family so I had resigned myself to the desk job that I knew… And then I met some beautiful Earth Angels who suggested that I might find many souls who need my technical help… I am leading onto the service to our dear Seniors (and any others who need my help) to navigate the world of computers and the internet, to either show them how to access myGov or set up and install their computing equipment or other tasks related to technology. I said to my friends, truly do you think I could help out with these tasks. They informed me that yes I would be most sort after.

This possibility of using my skills learnt behind the desk for so many years to help our Elders and those not able to do what I can is just so exciting. That I can utilise my expertise in a way where I don’t feel trapped by a desk and am able to bring smiles to faces daily is so heart warming. The transmutation is possible in many ways. Gone are the thoughts that I dreaded to return to work, now I’m excited to meet  and help people, and the best part is I am already experienced and training not required.

I will admit that I have been calling to Source to help me on this and of course when we receive the answer it doesn’t come direct, one has the answer via others or events that happen, and it is up to us to transmute the signs into answers.

Source has given me an answer and now it is up to me to take this opportunity and fly with it.

Today, I have spoken to my Angels because the amount of number Fours I have seen today pretty much sealed the deal for me… On this day it is actually a number Three day which has seen the cards shuffled thrice and the third card turned over to reveal that Archangel Michael would like us to remember the power of Transmutation…

And here is the message from the booklet…


The oracular wisdom of Michael reminds you of the great Master Alchemist, the God Thoth. This priest-wizard has been seen through the millennia working intimately with the magic of Archangel Michael.

Therefore, drawing this card means you are moving through a rapid period of spiritual growth, and are reminded of the need to employ the art of alchemy.

Attempt to turn your base metal into gold, turning the negatives that come from your shadow into positivity, and ultimately ascending into heaven for the supernal treasure – Love.

Sound Hah through your Heart for Love.

Blessings to us all for another Glorious day.

In Love and In Light


12th of June 2019


Card Reading 11th June 2019

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls…

Today I have decided to allow my current emotions to have their say. I respect my emotions and understand that if I do not pay heed to them and their messages I become unbalanced.

There is no pretending anymore, if I am happy it is obvious and just so if I am sad. Currently I feel depressed by a situation I got myself into and I understand that if I allow those emotions too much control I will end up in hospital again, so I am allowing the feelings to come and go on the waves of energy and as they enter my field I am very aware of how my body reacts and the unhealthy symptoms that present.

This is fuel for change, accepting the pain as part of the event and then the trick is to transmute the grief into gold for my soul’s development. I could shut my eyes or ‘stick my head in the sand’ however I have tried that in the past and it was very damaging… not to mention the sand stuck in ones mouth!

It is OK to feel, It is OK to experience the emotions, what is not OK is to stay in those emotions too long. Allowing it to come and go, like the sweet summer breeze carries the scent of flowers to you from across the field and then it passes, so too will this feeling pass.

When we are able to trust our self to being strong enough to allow and accept we are then able to help others who’s world has turned darker. Being the light for others also means being the light for ourselves. We will all go through one or many of life’s hard lessons, and each time we survive we are made stronger and wiser for our experience.

Today in numerological terms is a Two day however when calculated the last number prior to reducing to a single digit was the number Twenty which just so happens to be the number of today’s card drawn… Prior to my turning the card over I realised that I hadn’t set an intention for the days reading so before I turned this card over I stated to my entourage this and so I said well lets see what spirit has decided I need to know, and I was presented with the Grief card…

And here is the message from the booklet…


I understand that losing something is an opportunity to appreciate it

Nothing is gone forever. The belief that we have “lost” someone or something is merely an illusion to assist us in learning to appreciate our having had it in the first place.

The emotion of grief and the sense of loss are absolutely real – but that is not the point. The lesson of loss is not about the actual physical separation, because the parting is only temporary and illusory.

The point of the lesson is to acknowledge that the bonds of love never end and that we have not been abandoned.

When you accept in your heart that you will be reunited with everything you have ever loved, it will give you the ability to move beyond your grief and derive something beneficial from the experience.

To wallow in grief is to pass up the opportunity that you and your soul family have devised and learn nothing from it. Instead, allow your grief to take you to a place of deeper understanding.

Blessings of Peace for Us All

In Love and In Light


11th of June 2019

Card Reading 7th June 2019

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls…

Do you feel the energy of Gaia? Can you feel Her waking up? Does the wind and rain that she produces soothe your own internal waters? Do you feel her letting the clouds part so that our Sun might warm your bones? Does it feel comforting to know that the Earth beneath our feet is so stable, protective, and loving? I answer yes to all of these questions.

We wander around unconsciously appreciative of our Earth Mother until we awaken to Her Soul… Gaia supports us unconditionally and through our love and light she is sustained by us.

Just this morning after an intense amount of rainfall throughout the past evening, my daughters and I came across some wee little creatures that needed our help. I was called to look down and I saw them… Worms… Gorgeous little creatures who had lost their way trying to escape the deluge of water. They were trapped on the footpath slowly drying and dying.

Even though we were so very late for class, all thought of reaching Miss Imogen’s classroom left as I cried out in pain for these little creatures. We stopped and I collected at least five and carefully placed them in the holes Miss Imogen made for them in the earth. My thoughts were on them wishing them strength to recover and then we made it to the classroom. Even on the way back to our car I found more and even a little ladybug, who was carefully placed on a window sill to dry up out of harms way… At last the feeling of pain left me. So connected to Gaia we are, if we stop to listen, the knowledge of how to help her will come.

All creatures, Great and Small, are deserving of our help, our care, our Love. We are no greater or lesser than a mosquito (though many disagree) and I see no reason why I shouldn’t stop to help. However you choose to help her even if it is caressing a trees leaf and saying I love you, is up to you. Gaia is patient and will love you unconditionally either way. She is our Eternal Mother and we should respect her as such.

Respect goes both ways, whilst it might be all well and good to live your life caring and nurturing Gaia and/or other souls who reside here, If we are not respecting our-self, nurturing our-self then we are unbalanced in our care and love. When we are balanced, our inner wisdom has a chance to come to the fore.

Today’s numerological number is the number Six, which represents Balance, among other things and is influenced by the ever practical Virgo and the loving energy of Venus, both wanting the same though by different means. Both want the same result however go different ways to get there, and thus it can be a tricky day for some to find the balance within to accomplish what is on our ‘list’… Virgo likes its lists and Venus just loves with passion. Finding a balance between these two is like finding the balance between my two Earth Angels…

Today I decided to do a little live on facebook to chat about my morning, to sing and draw today’s card out for us all to ponder. Doing that gave me the balance within that I needed to start my day. The morning was so ‘unbalanced’ and so in doing this little thing for myself it helped me to feel connected with life and my loved ones.

On this day I chose to honour Gaia and I am honoured that the Great Mother herself came through in the reading today. Her card was the one chosen and I’m still feeling quite humbled by the receiving of it. So without further ado, here are the words from our Divine Mother, Gaia…


Wisdom, Knowledge, Spiritual understanding

The Gaia card is the most powerful card in this deck. It shows that you have a deep spiritual connection to the Earth and a deep spiritual understanding of Life.

Gaia, the Earth Mother, thanks you for the love and consideration you show towards her and the love you have for all living things. She encourages you to gently and lovingly share your wisdom and knowledge of the Earth with others.

Perhaps you may join with like-minded souls to share your message of love or you may choose to do practical things to help the Earth restore her balance and wellbeing. Yet, this is not a call to preach to others. You are a beacon of light – remain that way.

Share your knowledge and wisdom only with those that are ready to hear it and do not fear the Earth changes that are taking place, for all is evolving and unfolding as it should. All the Earth needs is a little more love.


I am in communion with Mother Earth
I hear her call
I am grateful for her love
and share her wisdom with others
I am a beacon of light
All evolves and unfolds through love

In Love and In Light


7th of June 2019

Card Reading 6th June 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

Ahh… Yes I feel Winter is coming… Especially with the cold wind felt against my skin, chilling me to the bone. The sky is grey and looks like rain is on its way and yet I feel the Sun’s warmth within me. Light and Love fill me as I contemplate how beautiful life is.

Our two beautiful creations, our two Earth Angels, Imogen and Molly, were amazing me with their sassy personalities before school today. Each Soul is so incredibly unique and it is a privilege to be able to see them, to be with them and to grow with them. Love is endless for our girls, even when the arguing begins.

As I was so entranced by them and their creations (colouring in mandala pictures), I thought to ask them for the choice of cards today. I quietly wondered if they would choose the same, but no, as unique as they are that wouldn’t happen and I was correct. They each chose a different deck and that was when the arguing began… “Gosh!” I said “I’ll just do two cards today” and they both instantly stopped and even agreed to listen to the story I’d write when they return home from school.

And so, today is in honour of these two cherubs who rule and run my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That they feel so passionate about the reading just shows they truly do care about the ‘work’ I do. I am proud of them and I hope they like the cards drawn on their behalf.

Imogen chose to hear from the Angels today, Molly chose to hear from the Unicorns and so I have dutifully shuffled Six times each pack and turned the sixth cards over to reveal… The Angel’s card of ‘Hope via Archangel Hanael’ and the Unicorns ask us to ‘Let Go of Stress’

I certainly felt both of these cards in action prior to drawing them. We were running a good thirty minutes late today and in times past I would have had a breakdown, I would have been totally stressed about the delay, however today, I am much calmer and I organised the whole process without yelling once, without crying, without the stress. I had let it go and I’ll be honest in admitting that I realised this as it was happening and not in reflection which gives me Hope that moving forward I have integrated the learning into my doing. Years of counselling and self-growth are showing up. There is always hope!

Ok, so now I would like to write the messages from the booklets and I will start with Miss Imogen and Archangel Hanael’s card of Hope first x

Here is there message from the booklet…


When we feel deeply and are affected by ‘the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to’, we may despair, until the Dove of Peace enters our lives, and once more lifts us to hope.

If this is a moment of such challenge, reach out and the Angels will carry you to this virtue by allowing you to observe a beautiful scene in nature, another soul filled with joy or success, or a child whose innocence lifts your spirits.

Within this form, you will see a manifestation of the Oracle like a Dove allowing your spirit to fly in Peace.

Please repeat three times: Hope is the elixir of the Divine.

And our Miss Molly and her Unicorns have brought to us this message today x

And here is the message from their booklet…

Let Go of Stress!

Don’t take on other people’s stress. Breathe it out now.

Your body has been tense because the people around you are wound up too tight. This has made you think that you’re the one who’s stressed, when it’s really them.

Stress has had some bad effects on you, such as making you feel angry or sad. You may have also had some trouble sleeping. Now is the time to do something about this.

Stress can worsen things, so it’s important to let it go. Breathe in a deep gulp of air and think about all the things that make you feel stressed. Then blow those things out, and the angels and unicorns will take them to Heaven where everything is fixed. Stretch your arms and legs so that your body lets go of stress, too.

Now think of something that makes you feel happy. You can also talk to a friend, a pet, or your angels and unicorns.

You don’t have to feel stress, anger, or sadness. You have the power to choose your thoughts and feelings.

The unicorns hope that you’ll choose to feel happy right now.

On that lovely note I will end with wishing us all blessings of Hope and Peace x

In Love and In Light


6th of June 2019

Card Reading 5th June 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

Let’s just say I’m back and I am grateful for the experience 😉

One doesn’t choose to become ill, sometimes it just happens and the journey it takes us on can be as educational as we choose.

I learnt about myself that in life there are no certainties except for how we choose to endure or experience an event. My experience was unique in some ways because although I’ve ‘lived’ with asthma my entire life, this latest illness has shown me how much I have grown.

I found strength in knowing that because I managed my anxiety and didn’t panic about being sick, my illness was far less severe than in the many years leading up to today. There is pain associated with anxiety, a chest crushing, muscle cramping, migraine inducing pain… And this time whilst I sat watching my body slowly heal itself I realised I was without this pain… And that because the pain was missing I found it so much easier to cope.

We can find strength within us at the strangest times in our lives. Some don’t even know they have strength until they really look but we all have this quality. Some put their strength on show and others have the quiet enduring strength one would find in a carer, quietly attending to their patient, who may not always be patient themselves. We all show it in different ways, with each way being no better or worse than the other, it just is.

I am overwhelmed by the strength of well wishes, love and support that has been showered onto me these last few days and I would love to repay the favour though I am unsure how… Just know that if it is within my power to return the love then I will be happy to oblige.

This beautiful sunny Winters morning has seen me drawn to the Cosmic Reading Cards and after dutifully shuffling Five times (as per the number of the day), I have turned the fifth card over to reveal our card for today being… Strength

And here is the message from the booklet…


‘Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power’ ~ Lao Tzu

This card comes to you to remind you of your inner strength and courage. Although you may be feeling weary and hopeless at this time, do not lose faith and heart.

You are a lot stronger than you realise. Moving through this chapter in your life you will understand the lesson of having to release your inner resistance and fears. By uncovering your true strength, you’ll have the courage to move through it with clarity, understanding and compassion.

Your prayers for strength have been heard. Release all fears that are blocking spiritual guidance. Breaking down walls will help you see, dear one, all the synchronicities and signs communicated to you.

The spirit teachers of love and light wish only to serve the highest good of all. To offer guidance, love and reminders of what you already hold within yourself. You hold so much strength, courage, determination and perseverance.

The first step in uncovering and embracing your true strength is to accept your current state; whether it is vulnerability, powerlessness, emotional fragility or weakness. The second step is surrendering to that universal life-force of love. Allow the third step, empowerment, to flow into your life naturally.

Strength and empowerment will come. Use this chapter to find your deepest source of strength, to renew your faith and be all that you truly are – a spiritual warrior living in conscious freedom.

Prayer: Great Spirit, guide me through this period. Give me the insight, courage and strength I need to cultivate the source of strength already within me.

Blessings of Health and Strength to Us All xxx

In Love and In Light


5th of June 2019

Card Reading 30th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

Living in the moment is without a doubt the way to live. Now worries about what tomorrow may bring and no regrets on what happened yesterday, today is the beginning of a new chapter and being in the moment one is able to extract every bit of learning that can occur… And then we move on to the next experience.

I am so grateful that I am well enough, strong enough and capable enough for my life. Not too many years ago this feeling wasn’t within me. I had given up many times because I ‘thought’ life was too hard to live. All the thoughts running through my mind were drowning me, that was until I realised and ‘woke-up’ to what was happening. We quite easily let our Mind dictate and then bam, one day, we start to live from our Heart.

Living from my Heart I am able to see the games my Mind tries to trick me with, with practice I am now able to catch those thoughts and examine them to see if it will be helpful for me in the Now moment to process and if not then as a thought it will stay.

Now that I have more control over my thoughts, it is much easier, a better flow towards what I wish to achieve. I do not discount or disregard my Mind or the thoughts it produces because that is where my wisdom comes from but it could be as small as choosing to remain neutral in an unwinnable agreement or perhaps showing support by just Being and not ‘adding my two cents’ into the conversation. This is a benefit of mind control. I respect my Mind but that doesn’t mean that everything that I think about is right for another person to hear.

We are all on journeys of self-discovery, whether we know it yet or not. There will come a day when, just like me, you wake up to the realisation that we humans are capable of so much more than the rote dictation of manufactured life. Living in the moment takes the pressure off for tomorrow.

Today I thoroughly enjoyed listening to our Earth Angel Molly talk to me about kittens and how cute they are… Her little face lit up in pure joy for watching them play and she shared her excitement with me… I loved that moment. And because I was in the moment enjoying her joy, I didn’t think about all the troubles that come with kittens or worry that she would ask for one. I just sat with her and we shared her joy together.

This morning I was called to hear from the Queen of the Moon and as I went to shuffle I saw the last card to be read and smiled for it is very beautiful… After my shuffle it seemed like the Queen of the Moon was listening to my unspoken thoughts and lo and behold I revealed that very same card. So Be It I say, if we are to have the same message then it means that someone out there needs to read it this time as they may not have seen it last time.

As always I am most interested to know how or if the message resonates for you and so I do invite comments and will do my best to reply.

Our card for today is the Blossoming under the Flower Moon and it is a truly beautiful message… Enjoy xxx


I joyfully blossom and I feel no fear

Do not give up; you have planned for this. Take no notice of what others think or say about you. Open and Rise. Someone around you may be jealous of your success; mark your victories.

In the country in which I live there really aren’t a lot of meadows, that classic kind of gently rolling open space often between a forest or mountains. This kind of space whispers to you: ‘Here, rest a while. Lay down, my friend, it’s soft!’

The first true meadow I saw was in Yosemite National Park in the United States. It was early spring; the snows had pretty much stopped, and nature had taken her opportunity.

In front of me as far as I could see was a green meadow of grasses covered in blossoming flowers. It was so beautiful it almost made me cry. I just stood there for a long while taking it all in. It felt so hopeful and new and joyful, so I felt hopeful and renewed and joyful.

I walked into the meadow and was soon surrounded by this blossoming. The flower fragrance drifted up with the breeze; there was a dusting of pollen on my clothes; I could hear the contented buzzing of a few insects. In that moment, I was so grateful to be part of the meadow. Anything seemed possible here.

There is a time to blossom. We plant seeds (physically and metaphorically) so they will blossom into what we intend. Perhaps the journey has been a long and hard one but we shouldn’t give up, especially if we are close.

Fear is usually the thing that prevents flow and blossoming: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of what people think. I could go on, but know if we can release the useless fears and begin to enjoy our growth and eventual blossoming, it will all be worthwhile.

Blessings to us all for another Glorious day x

In Love and In Light


30th of May 2019

Card Reading 29th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

Well as they say time heals and so it did, and whilst I was healing I learned much about my body and its basic requirements and what it does to fight off infection…. One was sort of forced to obey her body for a couple of days, one was almost shut down whilst the internal repairs happened.

I’ve realised that although I may have all the best intentions to move forward and do, when my body says enough, it’s a very good idea to pay attention. I’d been holding my sickness at bay for a good week before it finally had me on my knees in a pile of tissues. The lack of energy was intense and to be honest it was a very good learning experience.

Leading up to this illness I have been in touch with my Innate, not that she talks back to me but I’ve been asking it to heal me, and then allowing it to happen. I’ll be the first to admit that this cold didn’t last nearly as long as all the ones previous and that I put down to my submission. I am grateful that I have the freedom to let this happen, that I have so many wonderful, caring Souls who sent me their healing wishes and helped me with getting Imogen to school, even to my dear Husband who was able to have the day off work yesterday so that I could sleep and recover.

The only unfortunate situation in this was that I couldn’t do the card readings for the last couple of days, however I know that honouring myself with self-care and love means that I have learned how to incorporate all of the wisdom I have learnt. I read and write about looking after our body and it would’ve been hypocritical had I not followed my own advice and the wisdom I have within. Rest in Best.

This morning I have chosen the Cosmic Reading Cards and because today is a One day I shuffled seven times (because one shuffle just isn’t enough) and turned the top card over to reveal a card which neatly sums up my experience these last few days… I’d love to know if it resonates for you xxx

Our card for today is… Be Still.

And here is the message from the booklet…

Be Still

‘To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. ~Lao Tzu’

Be still… Breathe… Find that well of tranquillity and serenity within you. There are times when life feels chaotic. Circumstances and relationships test and challenge you with conflicting emotions and inner storms.

Sometimes your emotions are felt deeply and you may have moments of outbursts that express pain and inner rage. Feel the emotions and try to understand what has come forth from you. See the origins from which this reaction was borne.

There will always be triggers, dear one, and storms will pass. But how you react makes all the difference to the severity and longevity of the storm.

Who you are is best seen when you are challenged, pressured and put to the test. Will you react with rage, spite and bitterness? Or with peace, love and compassion?

If you react with anger and spite, do not be disheartened. Simply see that this is where you are at this time. Be gentle with yourself and go within to explore the deepest recesses of your hidden self. Find the root of why your reactions are so.

Send this part of you love and compassion and feel the healing light of love spreading through your entire being. Dear one, you are the love, peace, tranquillity and serenity that you seek. It is you. Know it. Feel it and Be it.

Be the peace that others seek. Be the stillness that others crave. Be the compassion that others need.

In this stillness there is clarity and peace. Go forth, dear one, and be that gentle voice that calms the storm.

Prayer: Great Spirit, lead me to still waters within myself so that I may find peace.

Blessings to us all for a glorious day.

In Love and In Light


29th of May 2019

Card Reading 25th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

And so it is a Glorious day, one filled with whatever we choose to fill it with… We are all capable of manifesting our Hearts desires and through our intellect our dreams become our reality.

We are capable of many great wonders, and we should remember that all of the great wonders in our world first started with a dream, a desire and action followed.

Being stuck in my head has created many dreams. Ideas of inventions, and plans for the future but until I actually make a move all those dreams will stay as dreams.

And so I have realised that if I want to create and manifest I need to plan, act and get moving. Rome wasn’t built in a day they say and neither did the Pyramids just suddenly appear… Creation happened yes because of the amazing Humans, their brains and backs created these marvels and we need to understand that we are capable of the same greatness of our Ancestors.

In order to see beyond the dream one needs to trust in oneself, see the power within, remember how powerful our thoughts are and submit to the process of manifestation.

They say ‘nothing happens overnight’ I believe that to be untrue in a sense… Physically our desire may not manifest overnight however when we awaken with the new day, there in that moment we have a choice to act or not… We have the choice to flow within the mundane or the magical. We can create that which we dream and it can happen overnight. I am also referring to our state of mind…

Last night I was in a low vibration state. I had stresses coming from many different angles and yet I chose not to allow them to overwhelm me like in the past. I chose instead to go to sleep with the firm intent that in the morning my dis-ease would vanish, that although I’m still waking to the stresses that my energy wouldn’t be influenced by them. I slept holding my Lemurian Quartz in one hand and my Selenite in the other. It was the best sleep I have enjoyed in many nights.

I awoke feeling… The best word to describe it is Neutral… And for someone who wears emotions on her sleeve and generally reacts in an emotional way, I am impressed with what I created… Pure Intent + Focused Action = Manifestation.

My dear friend said to me yesterday, that she feels I am too hard on myself, that I expect results to happen too quickly when how can they when I have so much going on in my head.

I realised that yes, I do have a lot of desires within, to learn, to create, to live, to love, to survive… I am now of the understanding that I need to focus on one desire at a time and that must be done in a calm mind, not one that is racing around wanting everything to be achieved yesterday… Yes I am too hard on myself. Now lets attend to that… Not the wants, but the simple fact that in order to achieve the wants my needs must be met first.

We all need a break, a break from our self… So that we have the chance to look at our self and see if our basic needs are being met because if our body falls apart nothing is achieved. If our body is sick our mind is affected. Our Heart will tell us if we are on the right track, our Mind is sometimes less reliable because it is affected by how our body feels… Currently I am enjoying the effects of a head cold and nothing is being achieved. My head is a mess… My Body has had enough… My Heart is saying RELAX… Take time to heal… Float on the winds of time and let all the dis-ease leave you.

Today I did a little video to show how I like to prepare for the card reading and how I draw the days card out and creating that little video was fun. I had realised that I have been stuck in my head and not creating outside of it. Drawing others into my sacred space did and does bring me Joy. It shows me that I am not caught up with the head games of wondering what others think, it says to me look how happy I am for creating this space with no judgement and no regrets.

Our card for today was chosen based on my desire for grounding, so Gaia our Eternal Mother was chosen and today being a Six day, numerologically, that was the number on times shuffled and the Sixth card turned over to reveal our card for today is Goddess of Creation with the message of Transformation, Creativity, Wholeness.

And here is the message from the booklet…

 Goddess of Creation

Transformation, Creativity, Wholeness

It is time for you to chill out and let go of rigid and fixed ideas. Relax and take time out to just Be.

You really have been trying too hard lately and are taking things far too seriously. This has blocked your creativity and caused your energy levels to be low. You probably tell yourself that you don’t have time to relax, but you must make the time.

Make this a priority and you will find that an interesting transformation takes place. Your creativity will increase and you will feel revitalised by a newfound sense of purpose and inspiration. Your mind may be telling you that relaxation is a futile waste of time, yet the opposite is true.

Relaxation will slow down your thoughts and open your heart. It is fuel for the soul that will have a positive flow-on effect for your entire being. Your wellbeing is of paramount importance so do not take it for granted. Without it, nothing else matters.


I take time each day to relax
I make time each day to nurture my spirit
I connect spiritually to a space of love inside my heart
I find peace within
I am light – I am love

Blessings to us All for a relaxing day.

In Love and In Light


25th of May 2019

Card Reading 24th May 2019

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls…

This morning whilst attending to the home I was also distracted by the many new posts on the web… And it seemed very much interrelated on the theme of gratitude and personal strength. Then I read the meme for today’s ‘number of the day’ that being number Five and it all made more sense.

You see the number 5 is a number that represents change and in that change things around you will change – for better or worse… Being able to accept the changes that come with gratitude for the experience no matter its energy is what we need to strive towards doing. For in the moment of offering your gratitude to the world, the world changes – our Gaia is feeling every energy we put out and the higher the vibration of our energy the better Gaia feels and that just enhances our state of living, our awareness increases because we are connected by means energetically. We feed of each other and we sustain each other, we protect each other and we experience unconditional Love in its purest form.

I however have been experiencing the reality of the choices I have made, I am keenly aware that change is afoot, painfully aware that depending on the path I choose it will be a big step, in either direction… I am not foolish to admit that I am scared. I have lived the way I have for too many years and change is required. The longer I put it off the more insistent the urge for change is… Just like waking up from the dream of the mundane routine one has enveloped around herself only to realise that thinking something is not achieving it.

I have realised that inner reflection does this to someone… When we are happily playing out the play and not analysing the moves or reasons behind the moves, everything seems ok… It’s because I woken up to myself. I’ve realised that deep down I am unhappy with something that is in my life and that something now needs to change… But it’s scary, the unknown.

This is the darkness that was warned about within the death card the other day. I see it and feel it strong today… Not death, but the ending of something… What is it the ending of? The ending of a cycle of depressive pain… And the cause behind it. This is such a massive lesson for me and I am truly grateful for all the support I know is around me. This keeps me strong, however the move onto the next path is up to me and me alone.

Today’s card is again spot on with what I need to reflect on at this moment in my life… I wonder if it resonates for you, I would love to know your thoughts xxx

Our deck was chosen by Miss Molly today and she chose the Magical Unicorns deck, so I have shuffled five times and turned the fifth card over to reveal… The ‘Just Be Yourself’ card x

And here is the message from the booklet…

Just Be Yourself

You’re a great person – enjoy being yourself!

Sometimes you may worry whether other people like you. At those time, you may pretend to be somebody other than yourself. For example, you may try to act, talk, or dress like someone you admire. This card says that you’re great right now! You don’t need to act like anyone else. In fact, things will go a lot better, and you’ll feel happier, if you’ll just be yourself.

The problem may not be you, but with the people around you. Perhaps they’re trying to change you. Change is a part of life, and there may be behaviours that you can improve upon within yourself, but be sure that you’re not trying to change into a different person. And also know that true friends love you as you are and won’t try to change you into someone new.

True friends will ask you to stop dangerous behaviours, but they won’t try to change you in ways that make you feel bad about yourself. So spend your time with true friends, instead of with people who don’t understand you.

This card also says that things go better when you trust your intuition. Trust this inner truth and act upon it.

Great inventions, books, and businesses are born when someone follows their own inner voice. You, too, are here to make a positive difference in this world and the best way to do so is by being true to yourself.

Blessings to us all for Strength and Compassion to face the changes that come our way.

In Love and In Light


24th May 2019

Card Reading 23rd May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

Wow what a stunning life we have huh? It is within our power to create the life around us that which we wish to experience.

We, in the here and now, are so fortunate really because not only are we awakening quickly to our inherit abilities, we are now surrounded by acceptance and wisdom from all reaches of the cosmos for our individual awakening. The entourage that is our cheer squad are so filled with joy that we are starting to ’see’ the bigger picture. That there is more to our life than that which is only viewed in this 3d reality. That once we start to believe in the many other dimensions and the realities they present we will find living a whole lot more rewarding in just the knowing of it all.

Yes we will, like excited children for ice-cream, want to jump right into that pool of knowledge and soak it into our soul, the sweetness of knowing the reward, however it is best if we take our journey one little event at a time, being present in each and every moment that happens, quietly storing away the experience which then comes back out as wisdom.

Searching for answers is a never-ending occupation for some, and for them it is inherit within them for their soul’s purpose to bring these wisdoms to us. We all have different purposes to our journey, no one soul is the same and yet we are all One. Each and every experience, good or not-so-good is fuel to be fed back to Source. This is why it is important (I believe) to experience it and move forward to the next for if we dwell within the experience too long we can become stuck within it.

For me my next journey will be to access my Akashic records. This upcoming journey is a little daunting for the fact that although I welcome the many lifetimes of knowledge from the experiences I have had, the temptation to stay within the past is what concerns me. However I feel I am ready to experience and incorporate whatever I learn as no knowledge ever learned is wasted. For how else does one grow if not but to acquire the knowledge on how to do it before hand. Continuously educating myself is what keeps the stagnation at bay and allows for enlightenment to occur.

The timeline I am in right now is lending itself to create the time and space to allow for this exploration of self. I am fortunate to have at my fingertips the means on which to share my experience and I am so very grateful to any who are part of my journey. I thank you all for your part in my play and I hope that I am making a positive impact in yours.

Today on this glorious day I have decided to hear from Nari Anastarsia’s Cosmic cards and so it was that I sat at my altar and I received this overwhelming feeling of spirit presence… I welcomed my Mum to join us for the reading then I felt Mary Magdalene and I cried as I felt Yeshua join her, I then said I also welcome all other spirits whose names I know not and I received the names Isis and Metatron within my Heart… Gosh I felt loved. So I spoke in Light Language and asked them for the wisdom and love blessings for us all and asked what does the collective need to learn about today… We received the card about our Sacred Journey… Again I felt overwhelmed with confirmations on so many levels. I thanked them and said goodbye.

Now I bring the card’s message to us, for us to absorb as per our own reflection on our own journey and the journey’s to come x

Sacred Journey

‘There is wisdom in knowing that even darkness serves its purpose
in the growth of the soul ~ Nari’

Darkness need not be feared but simply understood.

Darkness is a misunderstood energy, which causes so much emotional distress and disharmony around the world as it is seen as something that is separate to God. Most often it is seen as something that needs to be avoided and battled.

Darkness, too, serves its purpose. Through darkness we come to see the light that is in us. We expand our conscious understanding through first walking in the shadows of our soul.

The more you ignore, push away and avoid darkness, the more it is attracted to your space. It is only through love and understanding of the true nature of darkness, embracing its role and having gratitude for the lessons it teaches us that we are able to transcend its karmic wheel. Only then do we break free from its cyclic challenges that trigger the soul through its many faces and forms.

Darkness is here to help us find our way back into our Heart. We are all one – good, evil, dark, light and the many other labels mankind has used to separate this energy that is one.

Do not fear the shadows within or outside you, but simply observe the dance of life that is occurring all around you.

See the lessons that unfold from the dark periods in your life. Understand their meaning and purpose. When you can transcend this illusion of separateness and judgement of all that is seen as dark, you transcend the illusion of suffering.

The more you walk this journey with understanding and clarity, the more at peace you are with this world. You are then ready to enter realms of higher consciousness and increased light.


I AM triumphant, in knowing that even darkness
serves its purpose in the fruition of the soul.

Blessings to Us All as we walk our Sacred Journey xxx

In Love and In Light


23rd of May 2019

Card Reading 22nd May 2019

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls…

And so it is that I have asked and have received exactly what is required to put our Mind at rest and allow our Heart to lead the way.

This day has been an ‘all-over-the-place’ sort of day except I haven’t really accomplished much. The chaos is due to the lack of clarity within me on what my next move was/is… And I’ll be honest it wasn’t there until I finally (yes I’ve been trying all day) sat down at my altar to bring our message for today. I realised as I was sitting there breathing and steadying my thoughts, such rampant things they are, to a point of stillness so that I could connect to Source, and it flicked into my Heart I just needed some clarity on my next moves. Just Be is what I kept chanting to override the thoughts and it worked.

My thoughts now being settled I introduced the deck of cards to the Spirits around me and asked ‘Please help me bring out a message that needs to be known by the collective’ and we received exactly what we need to focus on ‘allowing’ into our lives.

Allowing instead of forcing, allowing it to happen on its own accord instead of searching for it. We are being shown to allow Clarity into our lives. Our Crystal Devas have a little message for us about Clarity…

Clarity is not something one can gain unless one can relax into it allowing it to happen. Many times my counsellor has said I need to find the ‘pause’ or ‘break’ moment to reset my Mind to allow for the space of mind to happen prior to acting on my next thought. My thoughts can be like a washing machine at times and trust me when the spin cycle comes on it is hard not to become attached to the thoughts and of course the emotions that arise during that cycle but hey as all things do, this too shall pass. The end of the wash is here and we are ready to attend to the next load/thought.

Having this ‘pause/break’ allows Clarity of Mind to happen. When a feeling becomes crystal clear with purpose behind it then the action that follows is smoother and more thoughtful, all due to taking a break before jumping into the next thought/action.

I will admit to being quite an impulsive Soul and now that I am accepting of it, instead of trying to control this aspect I can catch myself before putting the bungee cord on and say wait are we clear this is in my best interest to do this? If my gut feeling says yes, then well, I Jump In!

So, let’s Jump In shall we to receiving the day’s message about Clarity xxx

And here is the message from the Crystal Deva…


You have called this powerful card into your existence today to share with you that the essence of clarity is now upon you. When you attain clarity you get to see things exactly how they are with no confusion or delusion.

Clarity can bring many blessings, allowing you to see deeply into situations and experiences and receive direction, wisdom and knowledge. If you have been feeling a sense of confusion and have not been able to see through the fog of the mind, know that this time is coming to an end and clarity is here.

Tanzanite is shining its medicine into your third eye. Open and receive this powerful energy. Feel it opening your chakra and bathing you in its essence of clarity.

It is time to see clearly into situations that may have been clouding your judgement as you connect deeply with your own intuition and guidance.

The time of confusion is over and the Devas are shining the violet light of Tanzanite your way, illuminating your path so you can see clearly again.

Ask that the light transmutes all your confusion and mind clutter – feel it moving out of your aura, leaving you feeling radiant, cleansed, and clear, and enjoy the clarity that is now manifesting in your life.

Blessings to Us All

In Love and In Light


22nd of May 2019

Card Reading 21st May 2019

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls…

Here I am reminiscing about years gone by, thinking I’ll attempt to keep today’s anniversary to myself and then I go and draw out today’s card and it tells me, not today, today you will bring light into the dark memories of times gone by. There is a lesson here and it is to be shared…

And so it is that I sat myself down at my altar and blessed the new deck of cards that I have had for awhile however they hadn’t spoken to me until this morning. I am grateful for the waiting because for some reason (yes I know, spirit guided) I knew that this card set would have many lessons for me and that they would perhaps be a little challenging… Spot on with today’s card being just that.

Today I have opened the deck and requested “what does the collective need to know” and I receive a card that seems perfectly suited for me and this day. I would love to know if this card touches you also xx

Before I introduce the card, I will explain why it means so much. Five years ago today my Mother took her last breath on Earth. My Mother had struggled to breathe for many years due to Emphysema and then COPD with her in and out of hospital, her energy took on that of an elderly person. My Mother passed away when she was only 50yrs young. The full on life she managed, us six children, copious amounts of animals and of course work all took its toll and yet she was happiest when her home was full. When there was noise Mum felt at Peace because her brood was with her. We lived an absolutely awesome childhood due to her and I’ll never forget all that Mum achieved for us. However like all good tales, this one came to an end.

Mum’s passing from our life hasn’t been easy for me. However as I have come to terms with not having her body around and allowing my grief of that aspect to run its course, time has passed and so has the hurt. Now I can sit here and write without the tears because I fully accept that Death is just another doorway that we need to accept as part of our journey.

Death doesn’t stop the journey, it is only a doorway, and truthfully when our body is all used up and has no energy to do that which we find joyful, I am sure it is quite relieving to shed the body and fly in Spirit-form. 

It is hardest, always, for those of us left behind because unless we believe there is more ‘after-death’ then we are left floundering for the comfort and wisdom that we once had, and with their passing, it is now ‘gone’.

Mum hasn’t gone, she is still with us all in some form or another and having an absolute ball being able to visit us all and hang out with us as we go through our days. If we can but trust to reach through the veil and ask for her to be with us, knowing it will happen, then it will be so. There are some rules I have learned, one being that our beloveds that have gone before us can not reach out to us, we must make first contact. They want to help us and they can however we must trust ourselves and open up to this fact.

Death is but a doorway. Yes we that are still alive can’t see anything on the other side but they can see us. If we were to see what beauty was on the other side then sadly I believe it would distract us from completing our missions here on Earth. Our task to learn and live Love cannot be done from a place that is Pure Love. That is reserved for us for when we complete this life’s journey. It is our upcoming Holiday in Bliss… All of Us will know it one day, so enjoy each breath we have here whilst we can x

The new deck of cards I have opened up for today is called The Soul’s Journey by a Mr James Van Praagh… Beautiful cards and quite thought provoking, however that could be just because of the first card I drew out which is the Death card. Like I wrote above it is spot on for the timing this being Mum’s deathiversary.

And here is the message from the booklet…


‘I am learning that endings are merely beginnings’

Death is an illusion. It’s a fact of life that the human body we use to travel the Earth must eventually stop working. It’s not meant to exist forever. The energy and consciousness that inhabited that body is free and returns to its natural home, but it never abandons us.

Learn to view death as merely a change – and everything must change, because stagnancy extinguishes progress. The same is true for a relationship or a career.

A soul lesson may be completed, and it is time to move beyond this point of familiarity and expand into new horizons of learning and development.

This is a wonderful opportunity to thank those other souls in your life who have shared part of your path and taught you so much.

Blessings to us All for a calm and relaxing day.

In Love and In Light


21st of May 2019

Card Reading 20th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls

This Glorious Monday morning I have awoken feeling much better, having listened too and submitted too the requirements of my body. I have realised through actual events that unless and until one has learnt to listen to all aspects of oneself, ascension to higher realms isn’t possible.

One needs to be aware of all aspects of oneself, its needs and quirks in order to be a balanced soul. This doesn’t mean one should wallow in the feeling of being unwell, just a calm acceptance that this is what my body will present to me whilst going through this experience.

In times past I have been the sooky narcissist, the poor me, why me persona and in being that way it didn’t help one little bit, it made my ‘temporary’ suffering all the worse for my complaining. Now that I am a little older and wiser I sit back and study my body whilst my hands unconsciously seek the tissues and I wonder at the marvel of my body doing all the work to rid me of the illness that has befallen it.

Standing out of my own way to allow the healing process its space. In doing this removing of my mind from the event or just allowing my mind the time to process what is actually happening (instead of bemoaning what I can’t achieve) enables my body the space to get to work and heal. Allowing Innate full control, my illness clears up all the more quicker, almost like spontaneous remission of sorts, perhaps not overnight but a fair bit quicker recovery than if I adhered to my old ways.

Today I asked our Earth Angel Imogen to choose the cards and today Imogen chose the Angels of Atlantis… I have to say still my favourite deck of cards x And the Archangel who comes to us today is Michael with his message about Transmutation…

And here is the message from the booklet…


The oracular wisdom of Michael reminds you of the great Master Alchemist, the God Thoth. This priest-wizard has been seen through the millennia working intimately with the magic of Archangel Michael.

Therefore, drawing this card means you are moving through a rapid period of spiritual growth, and are reminded of the need to employ the art of alchemy.

Attempt to turn your base metal into gold, turning the negatives that come from your shadow into positivity, and ultimately ascending into heaven for the supernal treasure – Love.

Sound Hah through your Heart for Love.

Blessings to us all for another Glorious week ahead.

In Love and In Light


20th of May 2019

Card Reading 19th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

Yesterday I was unable to do more than just my prayer, the shuffle and draw of the day’s card. This was due to the head cold I have been experiencing taking control of my body more than I had expected.

And so because I was unable to write something about the card I opened the option up to you dear souls. I shared the card and the booklet’s message and asked if anyone would like to ‘take the stage’ so to speak to ‘add their voice’ to the day’s message and I was ‘tickled pink’ to read other’s views and so I immortalise the experience here by recording our joint effort for bringing this message to the collective. You have my undying thanks for helping this happen xxx

The message for Sunday the 19th of May 2019 was brought to us via the Queen of the Moon. I chose this deck due to the fact that yesterday was the ending day of the May Full Moon. The day’s number was the number Nine with it’s message for us to Share our Wisdom to the World. And that we all did, thank you again.

Our card was The Flower Moon with it’s message of Blossoming…

Here is a message about this card from Alison Trimmer…

‘Well my friend I hope you and your family pick up very quickly, I too have been very sick and still recovering. My feeling on your card tonight says Rise up and move forward, and just breathe. If we are in our own heart space we are authentic, we have no ego we are present and living our own light. I think this is a time of letting go of others egos. It’s their stuff. We are authentic souls, we will release the old and bring in the new vibrations, new intents and manifestations. Never give up, and breathe, be in this moment with the full moon and breathe. It is just so beautiful, just like you. X’

Here is a message about this card from Elia Nancy Ibarra…

‘Greetings to your sister I’m so sorry to hear about you and your daughter know that you are in my prayers all is well all the ways of learning lesson….It is indeed a beautiful and magical card. Loving the fact that it’s letting us remind ourselves that we have brought upon these moments for our own greater good and we need to stay positive you’re in our endeavors it is very true and humbly thank you very much to your sister sending my love and healing energy for you and your daughter Aho❤’

And here is a message about today’s card from Frances Mary Kuthumi…

You are connected to Source which nourishes your soul, the divine spark that you truly are.. Planting seeds,, as each season determines, fertilising with intent, watching from above rather than on ground level, you will see as its little shoots of life burst forth, it knows what to do.. Rise and shine.. Resting in consciousness as you are guided.. There is nothing wrong, you are both having an experience and your beautiful earth Angel will take her lead from you, her Master teacher.. Her loving Mother.. All is well, as you both blossom forth… Flower on…

And here is the message from the booklet…


‘I Joyfully Blossom and I Feel No Fear’

Do not give up; you have planned for this. Take no notice of what others think or say about you. Open up and rise. Someone around you may be jealous of your success; mark your victories.

In the country in which I live there really aren’t a lot of meadows, that classic kind of gently rolling open space often between a forest or mountains. This kind of space whispers to you: “Here, rest a while. Lay down, my friend, it’s soft!”

The first true meadow I saw was in Yosemite National Park in the United States. It was early spring; the snows had pretty much stopped, and nature had taken her opportunity.

In front of me as far as I could see was a green meadow of grasses covered in blossoming flowers. It was so beautiful it almost made me cry. I just stood there for a long while taking it all in. I felt so hopeful and new and joyful, so I felt hopeful and renewed and joyful.

I walked into the meadow and was soon surrounded by this blossoming. The flower fragrance drifted up with the breeze; there was a dusting of pollen on my clothes; I could hear the contented buzzing of a few insects. In that moment, I was so grateful to be part of the meadow. Anything seemed possible here.

There is a time to blossom. We plant seeds (Physically and metaphorically) so they will blossom into what we intend. Perhaps the journey has been a long and hard one but we shouldn’t give up, especially if we are close.

Fear is usually the thing that prevents flow and blossoming; fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of what people think. I could go on, but know if we can release the useless fears and begin to enjoy our growth and eventual blossoming, it will all be worthwhile.

Thank you all again for being part of my blossoming life and thank you for letting me be part of yours x

Blessings for all our Blooming Brilliant plans to come to fruition.

In Love and In Light


20th of May 2019

Card Reading 18th May 2019

Good Evening Beautiful Souls

Today was a long day but it was a rewarding day. A lot of meaningful moments however if I was to write about them all I believe I’d easily fill a few dozen pages so I will write about just that which relates to the Angelic realm.

This morning I had woken late and typically grumpy because of that fact, even though I sorely needed the rest, my offer to volunteer for today’s vote at 12pm meant I’d have a tightly packed 2 hours to get to school…. Very much like a school day really 😉 Anyways whilst I was calming down in the mornings Sun Rays our Earth Angel Imogen came out to talk to me, and said in leaving that I looked like an Angel. I was and still am grateful for her positivity. I was then asked by her if she could colour-in an Angel picture, I said yes and asked what the reading for that Angel says as that is our message for this morning. Here is Imogen’s finished work of Art.

The Message for the Angel Picture reads…

“Enjoy this moment, no matter what’s going on around you. There’s no need to delay your happiness for some future time, because there will always be some issue that arises to distract you. You can find hidden blessings within this very moment, simply by holding that intention for yourself. The more you allow yourself to be happy right now, the more happiness you will bring into the world.”

With this advice heard through the lips of our Imogen I paid attention to relaxing into the moment that I was experiencing and very quickly the pressure around leaving the house on time, disappeared.

All throughout the 3 hours that I helped at the school I was standing in direct sunlight and I was so happy about that. I was also able to see the Ocean winking at me through the trees. I was surrounded by birdsong and smells of the mulch warming.

On returning home it has been the normal ‘organised’ chaos of the night-time routine… If one can call it that. I have worked out that routine doesn’t work for me so setting one for the Girls that I can follow is more important. We keep the tasks simple and easily achievable as per the night’s flow.

And thus this is why our card reading is being brought to us all a tad late tonight but better late than never xxx

The deck of cards was chosen by Imogen this morning. Imogen did initially want to hear from the Angels, however didn’t see the deck when she looked. She chose instead to hear from The Magical Unicorns…

Now today is the Highly Successful number Eight, and thus the number for today’s card shuffle and choice which has produced for us today the card of ‘Listen to Your True Feelings’

And here is the message from the booklet…

Listen to Your True Feelings

‘Don’t let others talk you into doing something that you know is wrong.’

This card means that someone might ask you to do something against your better judgement. You may be tempted to give in, to please the other person. You might worry that if you say no, the other person won’t like you anymore. But this card reminds you that it’s very important for you to listen to your true feelings before taking any action. You must choose for yourself what’s right and wrong.

If you feel confused, then talk with someone you trust, such as your mother, father, teacher, or best friend. You can also speak to your angels. In the end, though, you must decide what’s right for you. This choice must come from your inner voice, not from outside pressure.

Choose the path that will make you happiest in the long run. Some choices only feel good temporarily, and then afterward you feel let down. The best choices make you feel happy for a long, long time.

To hear your true feelings, you’ll need to make some quiet time. Close the door of your room and turn of all noises. Shut your eyes and breathe deeply. Then ask the question in your mind and listen: Listen to your Body, your Heart, and your Mind. Write down everything that you think, see, hear, and feel from within. Take the action that you know, in your Heart, is the right thing to do.

Blessings to us all for a Glorious Night’s Sleep

In Love and In Light


18th of May 2019

Card Reading 17th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls…

This Glorious Friday I Am Blessed, as are we All…

I have much on my mind this day, contemplating the Cosmos whilst functioning in the material world. It feels like I’m on auto-pilot really. Moving through my day with a calm detached presence that just flows through the home. I put this down to last night thinking it would be a good idea to write a ‘to-do list’ and of course I have not started any of the ‘tasks’ on the list, choosing instead to do tasks I didn’t write down.

This is following my intuition in a sense… Doing that which is Heart-Led and not structure/Mind-led… Flowing is a lovely way to start my day, structure is good for other things my intuition now tells me. Like structuring my Full Moon ritual for example. The daily tasks that maintain our family I now realise are so deeply embedded in my psyche that I could do them with my eyes closed and need never refer to that list. Knowing and accepting this relieves me of the stress associated with seeing a list that has not been achieved.

Taking the pressure off, one realisation at a time. Now that I am so very aware of the energy that I create and the energy this house creates I feel it is an important discovery that to relieve my self of anxiety I must create an energetic flow within and without, to positively manifest the smooth flow of daily life… This then frees my Mind to contemplate the Cosmos without pressure.

This morning also brought a beautiful surprise and an amazing Heart opening experience when I checked my letterbox to discover a gift for me. This gift is from my Beloved Frances and it contained three of her books she created and two bookmarks. The bookmarks sing to me and so I will study them more soon, however to describe them, one is of Divine Mother Mary and the other is Archangel Uriel. The three books are Tree of Light, Nature’s Gift and Out of the Darkness…

I will have to ask the Angels which one to read first. I sent Frances a message to say she honoured me, that I will never forget her, and she replied back that we are Pure Aspects of each other and so carries me in her Heart everywhere she goes… I Am Blessed, to have met this Amazing Soul in this lifetime, all her teachings are ingrained within and her telling them just reaffirms the glorious fact that yes we are Pure Aspects of Each Other… We are All Pure Aspects of Each Other for we are All Part of the One True Source… And So It Is…

Even before I received my surprise from our Earth Angel Frances, I had decided to hear from the Angels of Atlantis Oracle cards and after I received my surprise and saw the Archangel Uriel my compulsion to hear from them became even stronger. And so it is that drawing upon the number of today, that being number Seven (lucky me, my life path number), I have shuffled the deck seven times and turned the seventh card over to reveal…

Archangel Raziel with the message of Intuition…

And here is the message from the booklet…


The Oracle wishes you to turn inwards to your in-tuition, to the natural laws of your Soul, which will guide you through the pulsations of Eternal Love.

Trust this inner Wisdom, oh dear one, as it is the
abundance of your Spirit that speaks to you.

Listen carefully to these inner murmurings, for when we are called to a teaching, a guide, a vision, a book, a piece of music, or a natural landscape, it means there is something powerful that will be communicated to us.

Raziel is at one with your profound inner intelligence,
and wants you to be awake to these whisperings.

Sit in silence for the oracular proof of Raziel’s love.

Blessings to Us All for a Beautiful Day xxx

In Love and In Light


17th of May 2019

Card Reading 16th May 2019

Good Afternoon Beautiful Souls…

And Breathe…. Ahhh…

It is a requirement of life to breathe, and yet, we need to be reminded at times to do this thing… Yes we will continue to breathe even in the most stressful of times however healthy breathing is what I am referring too. The deep belly breathing or the four count circular type where one really needs to direct their mental focus onto each individual breath. To sit within our body and notice the rising and falling of our chest and belly, the sound the air makes as it whistles in and out, the smell or even taste of the air as it passes by our sensory receptors. Breathing in this way is truly helping our body to heal… Its a reset and a rebalance of the one major requirement our body needs to survive.

After living my entire life with bronchial asthma and managing it as best I could with the knowledge I had at the time, I am extremely grateful to learn new methods to help stabilise my lungs… You see I had no idea on how to breathe properly, not until my thirties when a psychologist explained to me on our first meeting that the first thing she had to teach me was to slow down and breathe properly. This comment happened because I had typically gone into the meeting and was telling my story at light-speed with no breaks, no pauses and my breathing was short and shallow, almost hyperventilating.

Her saying “teach me to breathe” stopped me in my tracks… What I thought, how could breathing have anything to do with my mental state? Now I understand, everything is connected and everything has a balance point to flow smoothly… I realised that a lot of my childhood asthma attacks centred around stress… I’d go into a panic over ‘something’ and I’d short shallow breathe and then bam next thing I’d be in hospital for an asthma attack… Time has proven now that I am in  much better control of my breathing and my Asthma only flares up when I get sick… It is rare now for the health of my body to slide downwards because I have found the connection of Good Breathing Practice = Good Mental Health…

Even though we will inevitably experience downward slides throughout our life, working out a method or tool to help us navigate the slide is the golden treasure. With this knowledge I have pulled myself back off the slide of depression and anxiety more times than I can count and each time I am stronger for the experience.

Without balance and harmony within our corporal body it is no surprise that our mental body will play up… I liken this to a warning system… For example I’ve recognised that my Masculine (right) is out of balance with my Feminine (Left) due to two facts (and perhaps more, lets just stick to these two). Firstly, my right arm had been playing up with blood circulation issues and a sort of numbness within my thumb and forefinger on my right hand, and secondly, my mental state was very masculine in how I reacted to anything. I had also realised that the masculine side of my brain (Left) the oh so logical side was missing from my interactions… I was going into battle basically and no logic was going to help me.

Once I realised that my Feminine side was underrepresented and not featuring so much in my play I made conscious actions to address it… The more softer I became, the less my right arm felt pain and within a week of consciously shifting my response from masculine to feminine the pain disappeared and my logical side started to kick in. And breathing had a big part in all of this. I couldn’t think clearly until I stopped and breathed consciously. Call it meditation if you want but mine had no ceremony nor music just me stopping my body moving as much, shutting my eyes (unless driving) and consciously feeling the tight muscles around my chest, willing those muscles to relax and then I breathed life into me.

In other words I healed myself because I respected the way my body was reacting and I stripped away all of the conditioning and I just listened to what my body was trying to tell me. Our body is amazing and I am so grateful to be within it, exploring it and cherishing it each and every day.

Today our card reading is via the Cosmic Reading Cards deck, and the card itself is all about Balance…

And here is the message from the booklet…


“So much energy is being spent on others,
it is time to replenish your own energy source”

This card signifies a need for balance and equilibrium with your inner worlds. Your external world is merely a reflection of your inner worlds and right now there is a call for balance in the giving and receiving of energy.

You have been taking care of everyone else’s needs but not your own. Thank you for being the nurturing soul that you are, but, dear one, you have really been giving a lot of yourself lately and the balance between giving and receiving is uneven. Being in this unbalanced state can cause you to feel overwhelmed and fatigued when dealing with challenges. When you give so much of your energy, it is vital you replenish your energy source afterwards.

You can achieve this by taking some time out in nature, getting adequate rest, practising self-love, being self-nurturing and eating healthy energising foods. Be around people who up-lift and encourage this journey that you’re on.

It is also time to really ask yourself why your outer world is sending you situations and circumstances that exhaust you mentally, physically and emotionally.

When one gives too much without receiving the equivalent energy back, deeper issues relating to self-worth and self-love are exposed. Do you constantly give to prove your worth and justify your existence? Perhaps there is an underlying fear of losing whatever it is you cling to.

Dear one, you are worthy, unique and so very beautiful. You are pure divine light connecting to the cosmic pool of abundance, blessings and love.


I AM Valuable, Loveable and Worthy of Love

Blessings to us All for another Glorious Day.

In Love and In Light


16th of May 2019

Card Reading 15th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls

I find it so very comforting to know that I am being guided by Spirit, by the Source or by God (depending on your personal choice of labels). I am being guided to follow my instincts and to accept the changes that happen due to my life’s purpose. Every change is a chance is learn and grow and I have always and will always stay true in believing that no day is wasted especially when one learns something new.

That new learning is growth, plain and simple. We oftentimes think growth is only in relation to our body, our muscles or the size of our bones… However the growth of our Mind and the new memories we then imprint into our DNA are just as and perhaps even more important to our evolution as a Human. Those things we experience are then filed into our mind as knowledge and wisdom. The smartest people I have met have the most involved lives, they have experienced the highs and lows and have survived to tell their story. Their story contains wisdom that perhaps we can use to help us on our own life journey.

The simple fact is, change is inevitable, like the cycles of the seasons and all the changes that those forces enact upon our planet. Those changes keep us all alive. If spring didn’t spring our plants wouldn’t grow and our animals will die from lack of food and thus we would die. So, it pays to be thankful for all of the unseen forces that are constantly changing unseen around us. Be in Gratitude for the cycle of life and all that it means to be alive.

Today I chose to hear from the Gaia Oracle. This deck of cards is quite enchanting to be with. The Author Toni Carmine Salerno is also the Artist, and I am in awe of the artwork and the messages. So beautiful and full of wisdom. I am grateful the deck spoke to me today.

The numerological number for today is the great number Five and thus this is the times shuffled and the number card turned over to reveal our message for today is about the Eternal Dance…

And here is the message from the booklet…

Eternal Dance

“Movement, Wheel of Life, Path of least Resistance”

The Lady featured on this card feels completely at one with nature. She is in tune with the rhythm of the Earth and her changing cycles. She does not resist the forces of nature but moves gracefully with the wind. Yet, though her body sways with the win, she is not swayed from her path, for her feet are firmly planted in the Earth, she remains posed, dignified and balanced.

She has shown up in your reading today to help you loosen up and feel the rhythm of life. You will benefit greatly if you allow yourself to be a bit more flexible. Be open to new ideas; accept that it is natural for things to change. Do not resist life’s natural flow. If the path you are on seems to be all uphill then find another way.

There are many ways to get to where you want to go, so find the way that offers the least resistance. Life does not need to be as difficult as you are making it. It is often easier to dance your way through rather than try to push your way through. Try it!


I accept change and embrace the new possibilities it brings
I am flexible and open to new ideas
I create pleasure in my life
I look at life from a balanced perspective
I celebrate life and dance my way through it

Blessings to us all for a Glorious day.

In Love and In Light


15th of May 2019

Card Reading 14th May 2019

Good Morning Beautiful Souls

Yes, I Am… I am committed to doing that which brings me Joy. One of those things is doing my daily card reading and so even though it is a day late I will still write about the card and share it with the Universe. I had every intention to share the card that I drew out and due to my body deciding it needed rest I was unable to get the reading out. It was nearly 10pm when I finally gave up on posting it, resigning myself then that it just wasn’t to be.

However because the message of this card has been playing on my mind all yesterday and this morning I have decided to write about it. This card doesn’t actually feel like it is meant for just my eyes at this moment in time… It presents to me as a message that is for the Collective and that is why it needs to be shared.

Yesterdays number of the day was a Four day and as per the little meme says it is a balanced day, a day where we can reflect on all facets of life that help us remain balanced and alive. The four seasons for example are that which sustain us, the four elements all of which we hold within us and are all around us.

Our deck of cards for today was chosen by Miss Molly and she chose The Unicorns (no surprise here) and so four times shuffled and the fourth card turned over to reveal the card of Brothers and Sisters with the message of togetherness.

And here is the message from the booklet…

Brothers and Sisters

“To get along with others, see the love – and the best – within them.”

Sometimes family members take stress out on each other, so you may feel angry or hurt by a brother or sister, or even a close friend. Instead of fighting with them, first take a moment. Can you see the best within them? Can you think of a time when you felt a lot of love for them? By thinking and feeling love toward your brothers and sisters, you can all get along better. The more unlovable someone is, the more they need love.

When people get angry at their loved ones, they do so because they don’t know how to control the stress in their life. They might be angry with their teacher or boss and feel they can’t do anything about it. So, they take the anger out on the people they live with and that might include you. You may do the same thing to your family members without knowing it.

Deep down, you all love each other. Family members, always have love, but sometimes this love is hidden by anger. It doesn’t feel good to be angry with your brothers and sisters, even if you have a good reason for the anger. Can you forgive them in the name of Peace? Can you be the first one to say “I’m sorry” or “I love you”?

By drawing this card, the Unicorns want you to know that your brother, sister, or friend really needs your love and understanding right now. You have the power to help everyone get along.

In Love and In Light


15th of May 2019